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Month-In-Review: ESS Report

  • Total ESCs creation for last 4 weeks: 363K.
  • Commercial lighting contributes the highest number of ESCs created across all activities.
  • HEER creation averages 28K per week.

Activity Trend – Comparison between last 2 fortnights with the previous 2 fortnights

ESS Weekly Certificate Creation Report – creation between 17th-24th Nov 2019.


  • Weekly creation was 51,194 ESCs created compared with 22,858 ESCs created in the previous week.
  • The average for the last 4 weeks is 91K ESCs.
  • Commercial Lighting contributed 42,431 ESCs (83%) compared to 10,633 ESCs (47%) created in the previous week .
  • HEER contributed 4,975 ESCs (10%) compared to 5,443 ESCs (24%)created in the previous week.
  • The ESC spot price increased from $22.60 to $24.25 COB last Friday.


Certificate Creation Breakdown

Total Weekly Creation Pie Chart

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