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At Emerald Planet, we want our customers to gain the most out of technology. So we focus our energies on creating products that are technologically superior, last longer and perform better but consume less energy.


Emerald Planet is a leading Australian-owned manufacturer and distributor of smart energy-efficient solutions, with deep expertise in LED lighting. We have been at the forefront of the environmental abatement market, with a vision to reduce greenhouse emissions through smart technology, since our inception in 2006. Our understanding and involvement across national carbon abatement energy-efficiency schemes have evolved to offer a wide range of technologically superior products across residential, commercial and industrial sectors.


Emerald Planet’s difference is our ability to design products to deliver optimum energy-efficiency, performance and reliability at affordable price points. Our focus on research and development, product quality, collaborative customer engagement and the ongoing development of our market expertise is the winning formula behind our success.


As we continue to innovate and operate at the forefront of energy-efficient technology, we remain committed to successful customer outcomes and the formation of long-lasting, trusted relationships.

Emerald Planet – In Focus


We remain committed to successful customer outcomes and the formation of long-lasting trusted relationships.


Emerald planet aspires to enable a sustainable future by designing, building, manufacturing and distributing high performance energy efficient products.



ACT Tennis Centre Lighting Upgrade

“Gone are the days of guessing where the ball is!” BACKGROUND The Tennis Centre has 8 tennis courts, 4 synthetic grass tennis courts and 4 plexi cushion hard courts, six of which are flood-lit. Their newly renovated clubhouse is equipped with social facilities, wifi, an action Pro Shop and a huge viewing deck. The Tennis Centre have a thriving membership-base and regularly stage social and formal competitions throughout the year. PROJECT The Tennis Centre’s primary objective is to make tennis accessible and enjoyable for all. Recognising that their old mercury vapour lighting (1200 watts per light) were not fit for purpose and not compliant with competition-level Australian LED lighting standards, the Tennis Centre worked hard to raise the appropriate funds for the much needed lighting upgrade to all flood-lit tennis courts. OUR SOLUTION Gone are the days of guessing where the ball is thanks to the supply and installation of 22 new sports lights provided by Emerald Planet in partnership with a valued installation company. The Tennis Centre have substantially enhanced players and spectator experience, maximising the opportunity for members...

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Delivering energy savings for a premier property management group

"Achieving a dramatic 70-percent energy-saving"    BACKGROUND  A premier property development company with a history spanning over 150 years in Australia, offering end-to-end property management solutions across a diverse range of developments. PROJECT  The property development company knew it was time for a change when their existing light fixtures, T8 fluorescent tubes, were starting to fail and associated maintenance costs were increasing year on year. Dated fluorescent tubes are notoriously inefficient, and often start to flicker as they age.  OUR SOLUTION In collaboration with our specialist delivery partner, Green Energy Victoria, Emerald Planet provided a range of lighting upgrades including the replacement of old T8 fluorescent office fittings and new 24W Ambassador low-glare LED panels, achieving a dramatic 70 percent energy-saving for the property management group. The specialised micro-prism diffuser on our Ambassador panels ensures comfort with a low-glare light that is ideal for office environments without compromising light uniformity. VIEW PRODUCT  Ambassador LED Panels

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25,000 energy-efficient lighting products delivered over a 12-month period

"Our ongoing commitment to the environment & sustainability is making a real difference"  BACKGROUND  The University, ranked in the top 2 percent of universities globally, has set the goal to substantially reduce their Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2020. They have taken this goal incredibly seriously and listed 'To Be A Sustainable University' as one of the five key priorities identified in the University’s three-year strategic plan. And it's good news - the University's ongoing commitment to the environment and sustainability is making a real difference. The University has installed 1 megawatt of renewable technology across all campus sites and brought in many new smart technology products, including LED lighting upgrades.  PROJECT The University identified a major opportunity to reduce energy consumption through the replacement of aging internal light fixtures, with more energy-efficient LED lighting technologies, across all five university campus sites. OUR SOLUTION In partnership with one of our installation partners, Emerald Planet has provided a wide range of lighting upgrades solutions to the University, each tailored to the varying University facilities located across five campus sites and all in alignment...

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Energy savings & reduced maintenance costs

“Modernising the interior of the hotel and creating significant energy saving at the same time”   BACKGROUND A Melbourne based 5-star luxury hotel chain with 550 guest rooms, premium suites, a restaurant, bar and function centre. A long established icon of Melbourne accommodation scene, synonymous with luxury, in the bustling heart of the city. PROJECT As part of the hotel group's broader modernisation project, the hotel decided to replace expensive old light fittings with the goal to also significantly reduce their energy consumption costs.  OUR SOLUTION Emerald Planet worked closely with our specialist delivery partner, Green Energy Victoria, to design and carry out upgrades to the hotel’s lighting with the objective to both modernise the interior and create significant energy savings. Emerald Planet GU10 lamps were installed throughout the hotel and immediately delivered energy savings on the lighting use of 75 percent, whilst at the same time dramatically reducing the lighting maintenance costs at the hotel. Photometrics were carefully considered to ensure the LED lighting seamlessly complimented the hotel’s luxury style to deliver a modern and elegant finish. PRODUCTS GU10

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Smoke Alarm Association

Energy Efficiency Council (EEC)

Energy Saving Industry Association (ESIA)


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