Emerald Planet is a leading Australian-owned manufacturer and distributor of smart energy-efficient solutions, with deep expertise in LED lighting. We have been at the forefront of the environmental abatement market, with a vision to reduce greenhouse emissions through smart technology, since our inception in 2006. Our understanding and involvement across national carbon abatement energy-efficiency schemes have evolved to offer a wide range of technologically superior products across residential, commercial and industrial sectors.


Emerald Planet’s difference is our ability to design products to deliver optimum energy-efficiency, performance and reliability at affordable price points. Our focus on research and development, product quality, collaborative customer engagement and the ongoing development of our market expertise is the winning formula behind our success.


As we continue to innovate and operate at the forefront of energy-efficient technology, we remain committed to successful customer outcomes and the formation of long-lasting, trusted relationships.

Emerald Planet – In Focus


We remain committed to successful customer outcomes and the formation of long-lasting trusted relationships.


Emerald planet aspires to enable a sustainable future by designing, building, manufacturing and distributing high performance energy efficient products.



Upgrade Your Clients to LED Lighting this Winter

With the winter solstice upon us, bringing short days and an increased need for lighting around the home, your clients may be looking for a way to cut down on home power usage. As an electrician, you are no doubt familiar with the benefits that newer, energy-efficient LED lighting has particularly compared to older, energy-guzzling bulbs but do your customers know about the savings they could be making?   Read on for some tips to explain the benefits of efficient lighting to your clients and help them save money this winter.   ENERGY SAVINGS  While your clients will be aware of how much they are spending on their power bill. they may not realise how much of it is coming from lights around their home - around 10% of the average Aussie power bill. When having this conversation, start with the basics. LED bulbs use around 80% less energy to produce the same amount of light as older halogen or fluorescent bulbs. When you think the average Australian home contains approximately 37 light bulbs choosing efficient lighting, the savings can...

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5 Ways to draught proof homes for winter

Now summer is well and truly over in Australia, and the nights are longer and the mornings colder, you will no doubt see an increase in customers looking to beat the chill in their homes. Here are five simple ways to help your customers draught proof their homes and save on their energy bills this winter.   CHECK FOR HEAT ESCAPING  You probably know that heating and cooling account for a big chunk of overall energy usage in the average Aussie home - as much as 38%. While air conditioning is a significant contributor during the summer months, heating is just as much of a culprit once the temperature drops.   The design of Australian homes, often built to stay cool and keep heat out, drives this energy usage up even further, with draught from gaps around windows, doors and fireplaces causing as much as a quarter of the total heat loss in an average home. Because of this, preventing heat loss in your customer's homes should be the first step when assessing their heating needs this winter.   SEAL...

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Managing Director Stuart Edgley meets with Matt Kean, Treasurer Minister for Energy

Emerald's Managing Director Stuart Edgley, and a small team of industry leaders, recently met to discuss the future of energy in NSW with Matt Kean (Treasurer, Minister for Energy, Member for Hornsby). Also in attendance were up and coming decision-makers Taylor Martin (Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter and Cost of Living) and Felicity Lesley Wilson (Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer).   Whist emerald does not endorse or support any political party, Matt's passion for the environment was evident. He has a strong vision for the future paired with deep knowledge of many energy-saving technologies combined with a great ability to dig into the detail.   The open discussion included topics such as green hydrogen, wind farms and the NSW Energy Savings Scheme. Matt engaged with everyone at the table and was forthcoming in taking industry advice and acting on it.   "Matt and his team were an absolute breath of fresh air. With this type of vision and leadership, our aim for a sustainable environment will be given every chance to succeed." said Stuart.   An outspoken critic of 'climate...

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Firies focus on smoke alarms at NSW local fire station open day

Home fire safety and having a working smoke alarm installed will be the focus at this year's Fire and Rescue NSW Open Day this Saturday May 14th 10am - 2pm. Adults will be able to find out more about home fire safety, while children will be able to see a fire truck, demonstrations, and firefighting equipment.   FRNSW Commissioner Paul Baxter said the annual open day - and we haven't been able to gave on since 2019 - was an opportunity to show people that firefighters do so much more than fight fires.   "A large part of our role is to educate the community about home fire safety and that's where Open Day comes in". Commissioner Baxter said.   "This year we are focussing on the importance of having a working smoke alarm in your home. Each year, approximately 20 people die in NSW from fires that could have been prevented. Each death is a tragic loss for families, and the wider community. Additionally, for each fire fatality there are also hundreds more people who survive a fire but...

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