Emerald Planet is a leading Australian-owned manufacturer and distributor of smart energy-efficient solutions, with deep expertise in LED lighting. We have been at the forefront of the environmental abatement market, with a vision to reduce greenhouse emissions through smart technology, since our inception in 2006. Our understanding and involvement across national carbon abatement energy-efficiency schemes have evolved to offer a wide range of technologically superior products across residential, commercial and industrial sectors.


Emerald Planet’s difference is our ability to design products to deliver optimum energy-efficiency, performance and reliability at affordable price points. Our focus on research and development, product quality, collaborative customer engagement and the ongoing development of our market expertise is the winning formula behind our success.


As we continue to innovate and operate at the forefront of energy-efficient technology, we remain committed to successful customer outcomes and the formation of long-lasting, trusted relationships.

Emerald Planet – In Focus


We remain committed to successful customer outcomes and the formation of long-lasting trusted relationships.


Emerald planet aspires to enable a sustainable future by designing, building, manufacturing and distributing high performance energy efficient products.



VEU Program saves hundreds for households and small business

In a year where stay-at-home restrictions led to bigger power bills for many the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) has been able to help Victorians reduce their energy costs, whilst maintaining its objective to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.   During 2020 the program delivered over 328,530 energy efficiency upgrades across 204,429 households and businesses. Participating households saved an estimated average of $229 off their annual energy bills, while businesses who underwent an upgrade could save an estimated $3,114 on average.   In 2020 the program: delivered an expected 5.5 million megawatt hours of electricity savings, and 591,000 gigajoules of gas savings over the upgrade lifetime. registered 6.053 million certificates to offset emissions generated by sales by Victorian retailers. provided employment to 220 accredited businesses and 4,700 trade professionals.    Lighting upgrades continued to dominate certificate creation in the program, delivering 89% of certificate creations in 2020. Accredited providers pivoted away from residential lighting to business lighting - which includes lighting activities 27, 34 and 35 - resulting in a 34% increase with 855,180 certificates created from 2019 to 2020 for business...

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Recycle batteries for safety’s sake

Smoke alarms save lives, but disused batteries are a potential fire hazard of their own.   Batteries, or objects containing batteries, should never be disposed of in the bin. They should be taken to a battery recycler to avoid the risk of fire and dangerous chemicals entering the environment.   In her recent media release Minister for the Environment Sussan Ley urged people to take an extra safety step and recycle batteries.   "Australians are throwing away around 17,000 tonnes of batteries every year - most end up in landfill where they corrode over time - leaking harmful chemicals into the soil and potentially causing fires that can burn underground for years, " Minister Ley said.   "What is even scarier, are batteries that spark fires in garbage truck compactors as drivers do their daily suburban route."   A spokesperson for waste management company Cleanaway said "Batteries from smartphones, laptops and other electronics are a growing cause of truck, facility and landfill fires. These can ignite from friction and heat, starting a fire that spreads to other flammable material nearby...

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Camden Gospel Trust Case Study

"Camden Gospel Trust sees the light with an 83-percent energy-saving using LED lights"    BACKGROUND  E-Green Electrical was engaged to help reduce the overall energy consumption of the local Gospel in Camden. The solution was to complete a lighting upgrade, utilising Government incentives, to encourage the transition to energy efficient LED lighting. emerald's LED lights were chosen for this upgrade project. They offer a longer lifespan than traditional lights and are much brighter and highly energy efficient. The Camden Gospel will benefit from a dramatic energy saving of 83 percent on lighting, along with a substantial reduction in ongoing lighting maintenance costs due to product quality and reliability. PROJECT OVERVIEW  Lighting Energy Savings of 83% wattage reduction Payback Period <12 months Energy Savings of $12,743.15 Rebates Achieved Valued at $10,748.99  46 Tonnes of Carbon Abated Annually PRODUCT OVERVIEW  Vanguard LED Panel 1200x600 33.55W Tri Vanguard LED Panel 1200x300 25W Vanguard LED Panel 600x300 10W Tri Vanguard Recessed Mounting Frame 1230.5x330.5x20  "emerald products have been a key to our success in this competitive market. All their products have gone through rigorous...

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VEU 2021 target update announcement summary

Last night the Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Lily D’Ambrosio, announced the VEU target for 2021 would remain the same as the 2020 target (6.5 million tonnes). Please click HERE to view the letter from the Minister.   This announcement was made in the context of the delayed outcome of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’s (DELWP) December 2019 Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) concerning the annual targets for 2021 to 2025, originally due to be handed down earlier this year. With the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the RIS, along with the accompanying Lighting Activities Issues Paper, were not announced to market against their original timeframes.   Importantly, the minister also announced that, “there will be minimal changes to the program in 2021”. This implies that DELWP’s proposed decision to remove the majority of lighting activities from the program by February 2021 would not occur, instead that this decision would be left to a later date.    In a positive move for the VEU, the minister reiterated the government’s commitment to, “setting ambitious targets for...

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