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Month-In-Review: VEU Report

  • Total VEECs creation for the month: 590K.
  • 21A contributes the highest number of VEECs created across all activities.
  • Activity 34 creation remained steady for the month of November.
  • 21B, 21C, 21D, & 21E were the least contributing activities while compared to 34 & 21A.

Activity Trend – Comparison between last 2 fortnights with the previous 2 fortnights

VEU Certificate Creation Report- creation between 17/11/2019 and 24/11/2019.


  • 104,828 certificates created were created for the period between 17/11/2019 and 24/11/2019.
  • Commercial Lighting contributed 30,607 VEECs (29.20%) compared to 47,061 VEECs (27.36%) created in the previous week.
  • Updated 21A contributed 47,326 VEECs (45.15%) compared to 72,254 VEECs (42.01%) created in the previous week.
  • The VEEC price was at $24.75 up from $24.40 COB last Friday.

Target Tracking

  • The 2019 target is 6.3M with currently 9,893,253 VEECs already Registered or Created.
  • The 2020 target is 6.5M.
  • This means in total, the scheme needs to create 2,906,749 VEECs between today and the end of 2020. (58 creation weeks)
  • To achieve the 2020 target we need to average 50k certificates per week.
  • Average creation for 2019 to this point has been 108k VEECs/week.

Please note, this is creation – not all VEECs created are registered.


Certificate Creation Breakdown

Total Weekly Creation Pie Chart

ClaireDayMonthly & Weekly VEU Report (Nov)