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“Gone are the days of guessing where the ball is!”


The Tennis Centre has 8 tennis courts, 4 synthetic grass tennis courts and 4 plexi cushion hard courts, six of which are flood-lit. Their newly renovated clubhouse is equipped with social facilities, wifi, an action Pro Shop and a huge viewing deck. The Tennis Centre have a thriving membership-base and regularly stage social and formal competitions throughout the year.


The Tennis Centre’s primary objective is to make tennis accessible and enjoyable for all. Recognising that their old mercury vapour lighting (1200 watts per light) were not fit for purpose and not compliant with competition-level Australian LED lighting standards, the Tennis Centre worked hard to raise the appropriate funds for the much needed lighting upgrade to all flood-lit tennis courts.


Gone are the days of guessing where the ball is thanks to the supply and installation of 22 new sports lights provided by Emerald Planet in partnership with a valued installation company. The Tennis Centre have substantially enhanced players and spectator experience, maximising the opportunity for members to take part and enjoy the game.

The new Ocular Sports Lights (600 watts per light) increased the lux levels from <160 lux to >320 lux per light and will also deliver substantial energy-savings for the Tennis Centre, with an approximated 60% annual saving across lighting electricity usage bills.

The Ocular Sports Lighting Series, provided by Emerald Planet, is designed to increase the lux level by 100% and ensure light uniformity, visual comfort, glare control, limitation of obtrusive light and ongoing low maintenance. The Ocular series is lightweight enough to be mounted to existing infrastructure, and includes a range of fixture accessories to ensure the lighting is correctly installed to any current mounting posts.


Emerald Planet’s Sport Lighting range is approved across all Australian state based energy saving schemes (VEU, ESS, EEIS and REES). To discuss sports lighting opportunities, please contact the Emerald Planet team on 1300 511 148 or [email protected].


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