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“Modernising the interior of the hotel and creating significant energy saving at the same time”



A Melbourne based 5-star luxury hotel chain with 550 guest rooms, premium suites, a restaurant, bar and function centre. A long established icon of Melbourne accommodation scene, synonymous with luxury, in the bustling heart of the city.


As part of the hotel group’s broader modernisation project, the hotel decided to replace expensive old light fittings with the goal to also significantly reduce their energy consumption costs. 


Emerald Planet worked closely with our specialist delivery partner, Green Energy Victoria, to design and carry out upgrades to the hotel’s lighting with the objective to both modernise the interior and create significant energy savings. Emerald Planet GU10 lamps were installed throughout the hotel and immediately delivered energy savings on the lighting use of 75 percent, whilst at the same time dramatically reducing the lighting maintenance costs at the hotel. Photometrics were carefully considered to ensure the LED lighting seamlessly complimented the hotel’s luxury style to deliver a modern and elegant finish.


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