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“Our ongoing commitment to the environment & sustainability is making a real difference” 


The University, ranked in the top 2 percent of universities globally, has set the goal to substantially reduce their Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2020. They have taken this goal incredibly seriously and listed ‘To Be A Sustainable University’ is one of the five key priorities identified in the University’s three-year strategic plan. And it’s good news – the University’s ongoing commitment to the environment and sustainability is making a real difference. The University has installed 1 megawatt of renewable technology across all campus sites and brought in many new smart technology products, including LED lighting upgrades.


The University identified a major opportunity to reduce energy consumption through the replacement of aging internal light fixtures, with more energy-efficient LED lighting technologies, across all five university campus sites.


In partnership with one of our installation partners, Emerald Planet has provided a wide range of lighting upgrades to the University, each tailored to the varying University facilities located across five campus sites and all in alignment with the University’s goal to reduce their Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2020. New lighting fixtures have been installed across indoor car parks, lecture facilities, staff offices, lecture theatres and workshops. In total, Emerald Planet has provided the University with over 25,000 energy-efficient lighting products, across 6 product ranges over a 12-month period.   


ClaireDay25,000 energy-efficient lighting products delivered over a 12-month period