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2020 has been quite the year – a year that none of us could have predicted!


We would firstly like to say thank you for your ongoing support throughout the evolving COVID-19 situation and associated lockdowns. As a team, we did our utmost to maintain customer engagement, continue our high service levels and remain in regular contact with you throughout a period where the fog was thick, and no one quite knew what was coming next.


But in challenging circumstances, new learning can be sort.


Here’s what we learnt in 2020!


1. Awareness & self-care has never been more important for our customers, staff members and wider community.


2. We have an outstanding loyal customer base at Emerald Planet – thank you!


3. It takes an incredible team to make a business tick, especially in challenging times. Inspiring, dedicated and focused on one goal are a few words that describe the outstanding group of people who work at Emerald Planet.


4. In one year you can face huge challenges, but also achieve many victories.


Every year is different but this one has been filled with more changes than usual. However, no matter what we have faced, the Emerald Planet community have persevered together and come out stronger. Often we find our greatest successes in the most surprising places. We are sure it has been the same for you!


Despite the inevitable challenges that will continue to arise next year relating to COVID-19, 2021 will be a new and exciting year at Emerald Planet. We look forward to sharing lots of new developments with you in the coming weeks and months.


Finally, the whole team at Emerald Planet would like to thank you for your custom in 2020 and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Warm regards,
The Emerald Planet Team

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