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Emerald Planet’s 5W HP Eclipse Tri Downlight offers an attractive abatement yield (0.91 VEECs per downlight) when installed under the VEU program.

Why the 5W HP Eclipse Tri Downlight?
> $30.94 abatement yield per downlight in Activity 21D using our 5W HP Eclipse Tri Downlight
> $34.00 current VEEC spot-price
> 0.91 VEECs per downlight

5W HP Eclipse Tri Downlight Features:
> Choice of 3 switchable colour temperatures: warm-white 3000K, neutral white 4000K, cool daylight 5000K
> Cut out size options 70mm (95m face) & 90mm (115mm face)
> Flex & plug 0.8m

Order 5W HP Eclipse Tri Downlights HERE
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