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Quality products and customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do, so naturally we were thrilled to read this review by Smoke Alarm Solutions

Emerald Alarms Deliver Less Than 1% Fault Rate


Smoke Alarm Solutions launched Emerald Alarms in February 2021. Since then, we have installed over 15,000 Emerald Alarms and to-date they have delivered less than 1% fault rate, even in locations with high humidity. Priced at only $119 installed, Smoke Alarm Solutions recommends Emerald Alarms as a reliable and cost-effective option for your smoke alarm compliance needs.
Smoke Alarm Solutions‘ clients have been benefitting from the improvements to design features and high testing standards that come with a ‘second generation’ product.
Building on over 16 years of experience in smart technology mass production via their parent company Emerald Planet, Emerald Alarms have applied the same business model to smoke alarm manufacturing and production. These learned efficiencies via many strict government contract requirements have led to not only a premium product, the price point has definitely disrupted the market.
Emerald Planet subjects their smoke alarm products to the same post-production manufacturing process as their other product lines, which includes extensive ageing and environmental testing – leading to the identification of a number of faulty alarms which would otherwise be identified in the field. Emerald Alarms are so confident in their product, they offer a seven year product warranty.
With many locations in Queensland notorious for high humidity, Emerald Alarms have ensured additional design measures have been taken into consideration to ensure ongoing reliability. Circuit boards are specifically treated to help keep humidity off the componentry. A mesh barrier has been installed around the photometric chamber to not only assist with humidity but it also stops bugs from entering the chamber and causing false alarms. The new range includes sophisticated software which has a series of checks to ensure smoke alarms do not false alarm.
With less than eight months remaining until 2022, Emerald Alarms are not only an economical solution to ensure compliance to strict new requirements, they are also incredibly dependable.


Published May 2021

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