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We are pleased to announce that the following products have been approved in both the NSW and VIC energy efficiency schemes.

Activity 21 & 34 and CLF NSW: NEW Eclipse Tri-Colour Downlights

  • 5-Watt, 70mm, 3/4/5000K, dimmable downlight (EP-HP-TD70-5)
  • 5-Watt, 90mm, 3/4/5000K, dimmable downlight (EP-HP-TD90-5)


  • 11-Watt, 3000K, E27 base (EP-LBR303-12)
  • 18-Watt, 3000K, E27 base (EP-LBR403-20)

Click here to view the updated Emerald Planet Scheme Product Approval List.

NEW Eclipse Tri-Colour Downlights:

The High Performance (HP) Eclipse Downlight sets the benchmark in energy-efficiency and offers a range of cut-out sizes and wattages, ideal for installation in residential and commercial settings. With convenient switchable tri-colour temperature technology, the HP Eclipse Downlight gives you the flexibility to match existing lighting colours and provide your customers with additional options.

BR Bulbs:

The BR Bulb Series sets an exceptional benchmark in lumen efficiencies of over 130lm/W in a GLS directional lamp. Ideal for upgrading from traditional inefficient PAR lamps, the BR Bulb delivers vibrant, long lasting light at a fraction of the energy consumption. 

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