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We are pleased to announce that the following products have been approved in NSW and VIC energy efficiency schemes:

VIC Activity 34 

– 18-Watt, Tri-Colour, 600mm Uni Batten (EP-UNI-T620-18)

– 35-Watt, Tri-Colour, 1200mm Uni Batten (EP-UNI-T1220-35)


– 10-Watt, 600mm Uni Batten (EP-UNI-620-10)

Click here to view the updated Emerald Planet Scheme Product Approval List or browse our LED Batten Range here.

The Uni Batten Series offers models designed to meet the Uni-versal needs of every installation scenario, from IP65 water proofing and maintained emergency back-up, built-in motion sensors and tri-colour temperature options. 

The new Uni Batten Series offers:

> 600mm, 1200mm + 1500mm model lengths

> IP65, IP20 models, Tri-Colour, Built-in Sensor + Emergency options 

> Anti-vandalism + tamper proof casing

What does this mean for me?

> Maximum abatement achieved in all Energy-Efficiency Schemes

> Aggressive volume pricing available 

> Order your stock now

Speak with Emerald Planet today to reserve your stock: 1300 511 148

ClaireDayUni Batten Approvals in HEER & Activity 34