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  • Online orders have grown exponentially across many retail and trade businesses.
  • Australians are likely to continue with online ordering habits.
  • emeraldplanet.com.au have experienced an increase in orders across their new eCommerce website.


New online ordering behaviours are emerging

The way Australians are buying products is changing! COVID-19 restrictions have and will continue to have a lasting effect on purchasing habits across the country.


As bricks and mortar outlets closed or limited their opening hours, and the risks associated with COVID-19 consumed the Australian public, consumers found new ways to order both personal and business-related products online.


Customers have looked to alternative buying methods, and many have been surprised at just how much they have enjoyed their new online ordering experience.


Some of the benefits include:

  • Free delivery options
  • Fast delivery services
  • Placing orders 24/7, from home (or the home office)
  • Orders delivered straight to your front door or job site


Many delivery partners, including Australia Post, have been on the front line and seen firsthand the shift in online buying behaviour. Australia Post alone has seen an 80 per cent increase in online related deliveries over the last 8-week period.

The Emerald Planet online store!

Late last year, Emerald Planet launched a new online store – emeraldplanet.com.au – customers can now search and order all lighting, smoke alarms and energy-saving shower products online.

“Once COVID-19 hit, we saw an increase in customer online account sign-ups and orders. Plus, many of our customers, who have been reluctant to order online previously, have tried ordering via our website and are liking their new online experience,” said Alex Pawsey, GM Emerald Planet.


“We understood that some of our customers were being greatly affected by the COVID-19 situation and have therefore offered extra online incentives such as free shipping, 1-2 days delivery timeframes and a 10% discount on all first online orders” Alex said.


The fear factor associated with ordering online might just be a thing of the past. As the country cautiously steps into staged recovery mode from COVID-19, customers who have trialled new behaviours, such as online ordering, will no doubt continue to assume their new habits, and reap the benefits associated with ordering both personal and business-related products online.

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