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With the winter solstice upon us, bringing short days and an increased need for lighting around the home, your clients may be looking for a way to cut down on home power usage. As an electrician, you are no doubt familiar with the benefits that newer, energy-efficient LED lighting has particularly compared to older, energy-guzzling bulbs but do your customers know about the savings they could be making?


Read on for some tips to explain the benefits of efficient lighting to your clients and help them save money this winter.



While your clients will be aware of how much they are spending on their power bill. they may not realise how much of it is coming from lights around their home – around 10% of the average Aussie power bill.

When having this conversation, start with the basics. LED bulbs use around 80% less energy to produce the same amount of light as older halogen or fluorescent bulbs. When you think the average Australian home contains approximately 37 light bulbs choosing efficient lighting, the savings can add up during the darker winter months.



One of the lesser-known benefits of LED bulbs is the options they bring when lighting a home. When educating your clients on the move to LED lights, take note of their needs and the types of lighting they are currently using in their home.

Perhaps they use dimmers or lamps with warm light to create a relaxing feel in the bedrooms and living spaces and brighter white light in the kitchen and bathrooms. All this and more can be achieved with LED bulbs. 



It’s likely that when you broach the topic of upgrading old lighting with your clients, you may face some pushback on costs. The important thing to remember here is the savings your clients will make over time by upgrading to LED lightiong.

Remind them that CFLs last over three times as long as old halogen bulbs, while LEDs last twice as long as CFLs. Considering the rising electricity costs around the country and the greater need for lighting in winter now is the perfect time to convert your clients to LEDs so they see the savings sooner.




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