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Like all electrical appliances, smoke alarms don’t last forever and will suffer from wear and tear over time. Electrical components degrade and accumulate dust, insects, and other airborne contaminants, compromising their efficiency and sensitivity. So, they must be replaced every 10 years to ensure the safety of homes and families. This applies to all types of smoke alarms, whether they are hardwired or battery powered.

How to check when an Emerald Alarm needs replacing

To meet Australian standards, smoke alarms must have a way to identify their age. All smoke alarms must be replaced when they reach their 10 year service life. As a guide there is a date printed on the inside of every Emerald smoke alarm unit – this is a legal requirement. Some installers may also write the installation date on the alarm or on installation documentation.

What should you do if smoke alarms have expired? 

To ensure your protection, they must be replaced. Remember, smoke alarms don’t belong in landfill and can be recycled so check with your local council for drop-off locations.

Smoke alarms require regular testing and maintenance 

If not adequately maintained, a smoke alarm can cease functioning correctly before its 10 year lifespan lapses. It is recommended to test and clean smoke alarms monthly. Vacuum the alarm to clean the inside of any dust, debris, cobwebs, and insects.

Why is the smoke alarm chirping 

If your alarm ‘chirps’ every 48 seconds, it usually indicates a low battery. The smoke alarm will warn of a low battery for at least 30 days. Failure to replace the battery (or smoke alarm) after this time could result in you not being alerted in the event of a fire. 

Replacing smoke alarm batteries 

Alarms with a 9-volt Alkaline battery need to be changed annually, while the 10 year non-removable Lithium battery should last the alarms 10 year lifespan. Old batteries can be hazardous and should be recycled to avoid dangerous chemicals entering the environment. 

Product guarantee 

Emerald Alarms are passionate about product quality and reliability. But if things don’t quite go to plan, we provide a 7 or 10 year warranty starting from the installation date.

While modern smoke alarms are more durable and reliable than ever, they can still fail prematurely. If in doubt, consider having a professional regularly check your alarms. 




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