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With gas prices skyrocketing in 2022, there’s never been a better time to talk to your customers about the benefits of ditching gas and electrifying their homes. The wholesale price of gas has almost tripled since last year and predicted to increase by 44% over the next 18 months as governments transition from fossil fuels to renewables in response to climate change. Victoria is most vulnerable to these price hikes, with 3 million gas connections, accounting for 65% of the nations total residential use.

Even if not using gas, being connected to the gas network can cost hundreds of dollars a year in supply charges, with Melbourne residents paying the most at $280 annually, The Climate Council‘s research shows homeowners in Australia’s capitals could save between $500 and $1900 a year on their electricity bills by replacing hot water heating, gas heating and cooking appliances with more efficient electric alternatives.


  • Households that switch to fully electric in Hobart can save up to $1,899 on their annual bills, Canberra $1,876, Adelaide $1,457, Brisbane $1,424, Melbourne $1,207, Sydney $924 and Perth $803.

Heating and cooling

Heating and cooling use the most energy in Australian homes accounting for around 40% of total use. Emerald’s range of weather sealing products can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs. The average home can save as much as a quarter of total heat loss by removing draughts from gaps around windows, doors and fireplaces.

Hot water heating 

Hot water heating accounts for around 20-25% of energy usage in the home. Electric hot water heat pumps offer a cleaner, more efficient technology for water heating – potentially saving up to 80% on hot water costs. Combine Emerald Heat Pumps with Emerald water saving shower heads to save energy every shower.

Cooking without gas 

Replacing gas cooktops and ovens with induction appliances is another great way to save. Many people are reluctant to make the switch because they believe gas cooking is superior however when used correctly induction cooktops can deliver the same results more efficiently.


An additional benefit of going all-electric is the ability to monitor and save on energy usage by installing devices such as Emerald’s Electricity Advisor and the EMS app. The Electricity Advisor connects directly to the home’s smart electricity meter and sends data to a mobile phone via the EMS app to track and report real-time electricity usage.


Every appliance your customers switch out will help reduce bills and home emissions, but it’s not a DIY job for the homeowner. With your help, customers can make informed choices and choose the right products for their lifestyle. If customers are reluctant to make the switch due to the costs involved, remind them they don’t need to replace all appliances at once. Planning and gradually replacing gas appliances with electric alternatives makes the transition more affordable.

Step 1 – prioritise appliances

Step 2 – research and choose appliances

Step 3 – set a realistic timeline

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