With the lead-up to the busy festive season, it’s a good time to remind your customers to stay vigilant regarding home fire safety.


In recent media interviews to raise fire safety awareness, Claire Day from Emerald highlights the need to install working smoke alarms.


“There are plenty of hazards to be aware of, particularly when it comes to Christmas trees, decorative lights, candles, excited kids and pets, and overworked power boards.” says Claire.


“Electrical appliances cause forty percent of house fires and many popular Christmas gifts including e-bikes, e-scooters, and other lithium-ion battery powered devices are sensitive to high temperatures and can overheat when left on charge.”


“We recommend interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms on every level of your home for maximum protection.” says Claire. “You lose your sense of smell when you’re in a deep sleep, but by having interconnected alarms, you will be alerted even if a fire starts in another area of the home.”


With many people travelling during the Christmas period Emerald’s SafeLink allows people to stay connected and get notified when a smoke alarm has been triggered in their or a loved one’s home. The SafeLink is a Wi-Fi gateway between radio frequency (RF) enabled Emerald Smoke Alarms and the Emerald EMS app to send the smoke alarms’ status in real-time directly to a smartphone.


“Here at Emerald, our focus is on sustainability and safety. We want our technologies to be accessible and help everyone, including the vulnerable such as the hearing and vision impaired and people with limited mobility. Emerald’s SafeLink allows you 24/7 visibility of your Emerald Smoke Alarms – even if you are away from home visiting relatives.


Talking on Vision Australia’s ‘Focal Point’ with Peter Greco (3:28 mark), Claire discusses the importance of fire safety and how Emerald’s SafeLink, paired with RF-enabled smoke alarms and the EMS app, can benefit people with limited visibility. The EMS app alerts the homeowner via smartphone with an audible “Warning smoke detected” rather than just another alarm notification. Family members and carers can also be added to the network so they will also be notified if an alarm is triggered.



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Listen to the Vision Australia podcast here

Published 30 November 2022





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