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“Camden Gospel Trust sees the light with an 83-percent energy-saving using LED lights” 



E-Green Electrical was engaged to help reduce the overall energy consumption of the local Gospel in Camden. The solution was to complete a lighting upgrade, utilising Government incentives, to encourage the transition to energy efficient LED lighting. emerald’s LED lights were chosen for this upgrade project. They offer a longer lifespan than traditional lights and are much brighter and highly energy efficient. The Camden Gospel will benefit from a dramatic energy saving of 83 percent on lighting, along with a substantial reduction in ongoing lighting maintenance costs due to product quality and reliability.


  • Lighting Energy Savings of 83% wattage reduction
  • Payback Period <12 months
  • Energy Savings of $12,743.15
  • Rebates Achieved Valued at $10,748.99 
  • 46 Tonnes of Carbon Abated Annually


  • Vanguard LED Panel 1200×600 33.55W Tri
  • Vanguard LED Panel 1200×300 25W
  • Vanguard LED Panel 600×300 10W Tri
  • Vanguard Recessed Mounting Frame 1230.5×330.5×20 

“emerald products have been a key to our success in this competitive market. All their products have gone through rigorous testing to be used in accordance with energy savings schemes across the country. By using their products we have been able to provide our customers a high quality product at a low cost with comprehensive warranties.”

“For any company or individual looking to use the benchmark in LED lighting, we would highly recommend emerald lighting solutions.”

Tal Jacks | Managing Director E-Green Electrical.



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