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ESS Certificate Creation Report




Creation between 14/06/2020 and 21/06/2020.





  • Last week creation was 298,307 ESCs compared with182,361 ESCs created in the previous week.
  • The average for the last 4 weeks is 164.4K ESCs.
  • Commercial Lighting contributed 96,565 ESCs (32%) compared to 95,612 ESCs (52%) created in the previous week.
  • HEER contributed 4,531 ESCs (2%) compared to 16,524 ESCs (9%) created in the previous week.
  • The ESC spot price was at $25.00 COB last Friday.





  • PIAM & PIAM & V creation for last week was 179,529 ESCs which is the highest among all the ESS activities.
  • Last week’s creation of 298,307 ESCs reflects one of the highest ESC creation week this year.





Certificate Creation Breakdown





Weekly: Total ESC Creation Pie Chart




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