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  • On Tuesday 12th February the ESC announced that after consultation, licenced electricians would be required for the relaunched 21A A-bulb replacement activity.
  • Please refer to the announcement below and see following link for more information. activity guide

Training and Licensing Requirements

We have finalised our decision on training and licensing requirements for incandescent GLS or compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) replacement activities (activity 21A) following formal public consultation.

From 12 February 2019, licensed electricians will need to be involved in all stages of this activity to minimise electrical safety risks. Accredited Persons (APs) will need to provide appropriate training to minimise other safety risks associated with the replacement of CFLs on installers and energy consumers, such as those related to mercury risks and spillages.

APs must:
– submit evidence to us that the installers they use for activity 21A are licensed electricians
– not submit Victorian energy efficiency certificate (VEEC) creation claims until we have reviewed and approved these installers and added them to our database
– provide installers with necessary information, instruction and training required to manage any risks associated with the replacement of CFLs, including mercury risks
– provide evidence of their training program regarding these risks upon our request.


Zac EdgleyESC Announces Mandatory Use of Licenced Electricians for LED Abulb installations