October 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of WA’s Building Regulations requiring any dwelling being sold, rented, or hired must have compliant smoke alarms. Building & Energy and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) are urging people to check the dates on their smoke alarms and arrange for new ones to be installed if they have expired.


The 10 year replacement applies to all smoke alarms, including hard-wired models connected to the mains power.


“The manufacture date, or expiry date should be marked on the smoke alarm,” Building & Energy Acting Executive Director Nabil Yazdani said.


“Australian Standards stipulate an operating life of 10 years, after which the alarm’s sensitivity and functions can decline.”


“A replacement hard-wired smoke alarm must be installed by a licensed electrical contractor and comply with electrical and building regulations,” he said.”


DFES Deputy Commissioner Strategy and Emergency Management Mal Cronstedt AFSM said homes with more than one smoke alarm should have their system interconnected.


“Having interconnected smoke alarms means when one alarm detects a fire, all alarms will sound throughout the property giving you as much warning as possible of an emergency.” Deputy Commissioner Cronstedt said.


“If your home was built since 1 May 2015 you are required by law to have interconnected smoke alarms. Only working smoke alarms can save lives so it is crucial you take the time to check, maintain or replace your alarm to ensure the safety of your household.” 


Published 7 October 2021

For more information on smoke alarms visit the Building & Energy or DFES websites.

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