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Emerald’s Managing Director Stuart Edgley, and a small team of industry leaders, recently met to discuss the future of energy in NSW with Matt Kean (Treasurer, Minister for Energy, Member for Hornsby). Also in attendance were up and coming decision-makers Taylor Martin (Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter and Cost of Living) and Felicity Lesley Wilson (Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer).


Whist emerald does not endorse or support any political party, Matt’s passion for the environment was evident. He has a strong vision for the future paired with deep knowledge of many energy-saving technologies combined with a great ability to dig into the detail.


The open discussion included topics such as green hydrogen, wind farms and the NSW Energy Savings Scheme. Matt engaged with everyone at the table and was forthcoming in taking industry advice and acting on it.


“Matt and his team were an absolute breath of fresh air. With this type of vision and leadership, our aim for a sustainable environment will be given every chance to succeed.” said Stuart.


An outspoken critic of ‘climate denialism’ Mr Kean has campaigned for greater and national action on climate change and championed a more progressive set of energy and climate policies in the Liberal Party.


In 2020 he delivered the most comprehensive renewable energy policy in Australia’s history. The Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap outlines a twenty-year plan for NSW’s energy infrastructure, incentivising private investment in renewable energy while reducing emissions and lowering electricity bills for the families and businesses of NSW.



Burns Emerald PlanetManaging Director Stuart Edgley meets with Matt Kean, Treasurer Minister for Energy