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The Clean Energy Regulator’s December Carbon Market Report shows almost one-third of electricity generated in the National Electricity Market in 2021 came from renewable energy sources – double what it was in 2017. The report which includes data for all 2021 highlights Australia’s growing investment in renewable energy and increasing demand for Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU).


“Last year saw another record for the Emissions Reduction Fund, with 17 million Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) issued, representing 17 million tonnes of carbon emissions stored or avoided.” said the Hon Angus Taylor MP, Minister for Industry, Energy and Emissions Reduction.


“New project registrations reached a high of 198 in 2021 and seven new methods were made in 2021, increasing the future supply of ACCUs.”


The Clean Energy Regulator estimates that the units and certificates issued in Australia’s carbon markets reduced emissions by the equivalent of 58 million tonnes in 2021 – 9.1% more than in 2020.


“Across the year, our large-scale and small-scale renewable energy schemes delivered an average of nearly one-third of all electricity in the NEM (National Electricity Market), ” said Clean Energy Regulator chair David Parker.


“Rooftop solar PV led the way for renewable energy with a record 3.2GW installed in 2021, despite extensive lockdowns [due to COVID-19] and reduced installations in two of Australia’s biggest markets of NSW and Victoria.


“Australia’s uptake of rooftop solar PV at more than three million systems – and more than 16GW of capacity – is world leading, with one-in-three suitable homes now having rooftop solar.”



Published 17 March 2022
Source: energy.gov.au/news-media

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