About Us

Emerald Planet is an Australian owned manufacturer/distributor of energy efficient technologies with deep expertise in lighting and LED technology. 

Since 2006 Emerald Planet has been a leading supplier of energy efficient technologies servicing markets that include general lighting, environmental markets and abatement markets nationally across commercial and residential sectors.

With a strong pedigree in product development and compliance and with a deep knowledge of manufacturing, Emerald Planet ensures all its products are designed to the highest possible quality, are robustly tested and meet all possible compliance, performance and safety standards.

Emerald Planet’s distribution capabilities and experience are strong and trusted, including the sales and supply of over 35 million products since its incorporation.

Servicing all Australian states and territories and South Pacific islands including New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Emerald Planet has a proven track record in supplying high volume sales and logistics on time.

Emerald Planet is a trusted partner, working closely with its customers to help deliver the best results, forming long lasting business relationships.


EP's Experience

EP brings to the market a unique perspective which includes experience in:

  • Service and Installation
  • An understanding of environmental schemes nationally
  • Compliance
  • Product Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics



EP has been a prominent player in abatement of greenhouse gas emissions and in the introduction of renewable energy technologies to residential and SME markets in Australia since 2006 including:



NSW Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme partnering in the distribution and installation of over 15 million CFLs 


Sales, product promotion, sampling, and installation of energy efficient products into households and SMEs 


Victorian, Queensland and South Australian carbon abatement markets sourcing and supplying over 7 million CFLs 


Dedicated supplier of energy efficient products into national abatement markets


Introduced Solar PV systems and components

Developed Energy Saving Powerboard for IT and AV solutions


Commenced manufacture of Energy Saving Powerboards for the Victorian and South Australian abatement schemes


Leading supplier of Energy Saving Powerboards in the Victorian Energy Efficiency Scheme, supplying 1 million units

Introduced and supplied Chimney Seals and Door Seals for the Victorian abatement schemes. Supplied LED lighting solutions into the wholesale, retail and abatement markets


Further expanded EP’s LED light range to include applications to commercial and residential applications


Became a member of the Lighting Council Australia

Expanded our commercial lighting offering to include LED shoplights and LED troffers, panels and tubes for T8 fluorescent replacement


Expanded and improved MR16 spotlight offering, specialising in residential halogen replacement markets



Why Emerald Planet

We are a trusted Australian supplier of quality energy efficient solutions with:

  • A Lighting Council Australia membership
  • A proven track record
  • Deep expertise in product development and compliance
  • Strong logistics infrastructure
  • A commitment to quality
  • Robust trusted Warranty Policy
  • Listing under the Lighting Council Australia’s SSL Quality Scheme
  • Government abatement scheme approved products (VEET & ESS)
  • A history of long term partnerships

Emerald Planet has been working at the forefront of the environmental market since 2006. Emerald Planet was originally founded with the vision to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by utilising energy efficient products. Emerald Planet was involved with the NSW greenhouse Gas Abatement scheme (GGAS) from 2006 and partnered in the giveaway and installation of over 15 million CFL globes across NSW to December 2008.

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