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VEU Certificate Creation Report





Creation between 5/05/2024 and 12/05/2024








  • 116,171 VEECs were created for the period between 5/05/2024 and 12/05/2024, the first time over 100k in a number of months.
  • 36, 094 up from the previous week.
  • The VEEC Spot price was at $110.00 – up $10.00 on 13/05.
  • Water Heating Activities (1D, 3C, 3D) contributed 6,239 (5.37%) VEECs compared to 5,773 (7.21%) VEECs in the previous week.







Target Tracking

The 2024 target is 7.1M with currently 3,688,186 VEECs already Registered.


Based on current creation trends, we estimate the VEEC surplus will be exhausted by December 2024/ Q1 2025.















Total Weekly Creation Pie Chart





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