Zodiac LM84 MR16


The Zodiac LM84 MR16 represents a new generation of unprecedented efficacy and convenience in LED lamp-only retrofitting. Designed for outstanding compatibility with Australian halogen transformers, this lamp is quick and easy to install in the home and is the first MR16 LED retrofit lamp to be approved for use in the NSW Energy Saving Scheme's HEER residential program.

At >100 lumens per watt, it offers crisp, bright, highly efficient light in a sleek, modern design.


Model NoWattageCCTLCPLumensEfficacyDimmable
EP-MR16-530 5W 3000K 4.57W 482 105 lm/W No
EP-MR16-540 5W 4000K 4.66W 469 101 lm/W No


Transformer Compatibility

Emerald Planet has conducted extensive independent laboratory testing for compatibility and harmonics across a range of electronic transformers commonly found in the Australian marketplace.

Our LED MR16s are compatible with all magnetic transformers. For a list of compatible electronic transformers, please refer to the Transformer Compatibility List downloadable below.


Product Information    
Transformer Compatibility List

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