Zodiac LM84 GU10

Using the latest generation LED spotlight technology, the Zodiac LM84 GU10 is the first of its kind to be approved for use in the NSW HEER residential program. Exceeding an incredible 100 lm/W and at 500 lumens, it offers unprecedented energy efficiency and brightness.

The LM84 GU10 LED is a quick and easy lamp replacement for existing 35W and 50W halogen GU10 lamps, or can be installed with an optional GU10 conversion cable by your electrician to replace existing 12V halogens & transformers.


Model NoWattageLCPLumensEfficacyCCTDimmable
EP-GU10-530 5W 4.73W 500 106 lm/W 3000K No
EP-GU10-530D 5W 4.77W 500 105 lm/W 3000K Yes
EP-GU10-540 5W 4.67W 500 107 lm/W 4000K No
EP-GU10-540D 5W 4.59W 500 109 lm/W 4000K Yes



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