LED Floodlight: Modular Series

The Modular LED Floodlight Series is a robust, modern and highly versatile lighting solution to replace traditional HID lighting.

Designed to bring together durability, reliability and energy efficiency, the Modular Floodlight Series is IP65 rated and suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments.

Available in wattages from 100W to 600W, with individually tilt-adjustable LED light banks, the Modular Floodlight is highly adaptable to a wide range of installation scenarios.

ModelPart CodeLCPLumensEfficacyCCTBeam Angle
100W EP-MFL-100 101.1W 13,400 lm 133lm/W 5000K 120o
200W EP-MFL-200 200.1W 26,821 lm 134lm/W 5000K 120o
300W EP-MFL-300 301.3W 40,065 lm 133lm/W 5000K 120o
400W EP-MFL-400 401.8W 49,324 lm 123lm/W 5000K 120o 
600W EP-MFL-600 602.1W 75,645 lm 126lm/W 5000K 120o



Product Information    

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