LED High Bay: High-Q Series

The High-Q High Bay ticks all the right boxes. The sleek, sophisticated look allows for installation across retail, commercial and industrial spaces. The High-Q's recessed refractive lens allows the luminaire to achieve very low UGR rating (UGR<22) resulting in low glare. 

With its integrated dimming motion and daylight harvesting sensor (with on/off switch) the High-Q offers the consumer the option to introduce additional energy savings through smart control gear.

WattModel NumberLCPLumensEfficacyCCTBeam Angle
90W EP-HQS-90 90.83W 13,625lm 150lm/W 5000K 75o
110W EP-HQS-110 109.70W 16,678lm 152lm/W 5000K 75o
130W EP-HQS-130 131.30W 19,695lm 150lm/W 5000K 75o
150W EP-HQS-150 150.00W 22,537lm 150lm/W 5000K 75o



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