LED High Bay: Emerald EYE Series

The Emerald EYE High Bay has been designed from the ground up to combine the highest standards of lighting performance & reliability with a rich list of features to maximise efficiency of installation, transportation and recycling. The result is a luminaire which delivers a superior lighting outcome while enabling fast, efficient delivery and installation.

With its easy-grip adjustable mounting bracket and spring lock security hook, installation is quick and easy, saving time and money.

Reliability is assured with its class leading Meanwell Driver and clever thermal management giving it a lifetime rating in excess of 76,000 hours.

Available in wattages from 55W to 155W, the Emerald EYE is an ideal replacement for traditional HID High Bays of all kinds.


Approved for use in Australian domestic carbon abatement programs (VEET, ESS, EEIS and REES), the Emerald EYE exceeds performance and lifetime benchmarks set by the programs. 


ModelPart CodeLCPCCTLumensEfficacyBeam AngleScheme Approval
 55W EP-LHB-50 54.18W  5000K 8,246 152lm/W 110o VEET, ESS, EEIS, REES
 70W EP-LHB-70  67.02W  5000K  10,221  153lm/W  110o VEET, ESS, EEIS, REES
 85W EP-LHB-90  86.63W  5000K  13,185  152lm/W  110o VEET, ESS, EEIS, REES
100W  EP-LHB-100  100.30W  5000K  15,155  151lm/W  110o VEET, ESS, EEIS, REES
115W  EP-LHB-110 116.00W  5000K  17,435 150lm/W  110o VEET, ESS, EEIS, REES
130W  EP-LHB-130 133.40W  5000K  20,464 153lm/W  110o VEET, ESS, EEIS, REES
155W EP-LHB-150 155.80W 5000K 23,417 150lm/W 110o VEET, ESS, EEIS, REES



Emerald EYE Product Overview Brochure
Emerald EYE Technical Specifications Brochure
Microwave Sensor Installation Instructions
  Download IES Files
  Download Lumen Maintenance Reports: 55W, 70W, 85W, 100W models
  Download Lumen Maintenance Reports: 115W, 130W, 155W models

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