Ambassador Anti Glare LED Panel

Emerald Planet’s Ambassador Anti Glare LED Panel is a modern, slimline, low-glare luminaire, ideal for upgrading old fluorescent T8 fittings.

Its unique low glare diffuser offers comfortable, even light output which won’t fatigue the eyes. In typical office installations, it delivers a UGR of <19.

Available in 4 sizes for [600mm x 300mm], [600mm x 600mm], [1200mm x 300mm],  [1200mm x 600mm] spaces, the LED panel is an ideal complete replacement for flourescent fittings in ceiling grids.

Model NumberWattageCut-out SizeLCPLumensEfficacy
EP-AGP66-20 15W 600mm x 300mm 15.64W 1,800 120lm/W
EP-AGP66-24 24W 600mm x 600mm 23.91W 2,791 117lm/W
EP-AGP123-24 24W 1200mm x 300mm 23.83W 2,693 113lm/W
EP-AGP123-30 30W 1200mm x 300mm 30.10W 3,573 119lm/W
EP-AGP123-35 35W 1200mm x 300mm 35.24W 4,007 114lm/W
EP-AGP126-40 40W 1200mm x 600mm 40.00W 4,680 117lm/W



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