Advanced T8 LED Tubes

EP's Advanced T8 LED Tubes represent the latest technology and highest efficiency for upgrading traditional T8 fluorescent tubes.

 Built on the platform of proven reliability, performance and efficiency synonomous with EP's LED tubes, our latest generation tubes now encompasses a broader range of wattages and unprecedented performance.

The new, ultra efficient 11W 1200mm Nano Tube, delivers >160 lumens per watt for class-leading performance.


LengthModel NoCCTWattageMaterialBeam AngleLCPLumensEfficacy
600mm EP-LT67-4K 4000K 7W Glass 175o 6.94W 921 133lm/W
  EP-LT67-6K 6000K            
600mm EP-TPC9-4K 4000K 9W PC 175o 8.74W 1,191 136lm/W
  EP-TPC9-6K 6000K            
1200mm EP-TPC12-4K 4000K 11W PC 175o 11.28W 1,856 165lm/W
  EP-TPC12-6K 6000K 
1200mm EP-TPC14-4K 4000K 14W PC 175o 13.72W 1,925 140lm/W
  EP-TPC14-6K 6000K            
1200mm EP-TPC16-4K 4000K 16W PC 175o 15.15W 2,089 138lm/W
  EP-TPC16-6K 6000K            
1200mm EP-LT16-4K 4000K 16W Glass 175o 15.80W 2,104 133lm/W
  EP-LT16-6K 6000K            
1500mm EP-LT1518-4K 4000K 18W Glass 175o 17.24W 2,410 140lm/W
  EP-LT1518-6K 6000K             



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